What will It Cost

Prices in Seattle are higher than in the rest of the UCAS, with shipping costs adding 5 percent to the price of many items. Prices on locally produced items, such as seafood and paper products, are incredibly low.

Hotel prices range from 25 nuyen on up. Spartan accommodations are available for 1 to 3 nuyen a night at YMCAs, YWCAs, and Metahuman hostels. For 10 to 20 nuyen, rooms are sometimes also available in dormitories of local universities and colleges, especially between sessions. The budget-minded traveler can cut expenses by traveling off-season.

Because of its location and good trade relations with Native Americans, Seattle offers many restaurants serving natural foods. Many tourists overdo it on the unfamiliar food, often with upsetting results. Moderation is best until you and your body are familiar with the food. Save the banquets until the latter part of your visit.

_Event _Cost
Modes Expenses for One Person Room at a moderate hotel 25
Hotel breakfast, including tip 5
Lunch at inexpensive restaurant, with tip 10
Dinner at inexpensive restaurant, with tip 23
Sightseeing tour 7
Nightclub admission 25
Admission to museum or historical site 3
Ticket to major sporting event (inexpensive seats) 35
Car rental 50
>Bribe for simple info (where to get what) 20
>Bribe for more sensitive info (who’s doing what to whom and why) 200+
>Simple sexual pleasures 50
>BTL chip 50

Fast Jack (11:15:13/5-15-50)

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What will It Cost

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