Tourist Information

The Seattle Visitor Center, located inside the Seattle Convention Center on Seventh Avenue, offers brochures, maps, and personal assistance. Tours of the city can also be arranged ehre.

You can also have your portable telecom tuned to transmit a PANICBUTTON signal if you should need help. The cost for the PANICBUTTON adjustment is 1,000 nuyen, and it can be done at the police booth next to the Visitor Center. Lone Star Security Department guarantees that its officers will arrive within five minutes of receiving a PANICBUTTON signal. The signal cannot penetrate heavy concrete or steel because of signal limitations, so visitors are advised to avoid entering buildings or traveling underground if there is a possibility of trouble.

There are smaller visitor centers scattered throughout the city. You can also dial 55-WHERE to talk with operators who will answer questions about the city or direct you to the nearest visitor center.

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Tourist Information

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