Ranged Combat Modifier Table

Ranged Combat Modifier Table situation Dice Pool Modifier Attacker running –2 Attacker in melee combat –3 Attacker in a moving vehicle –3 Attacker firing from cover –2 Attacker wounded –wound modifiers (see p. 163) Attacker using laser sight +1* Attacker using smartlinked weapon +2* Attacker using image magnification eliminates range modifiers (see p. 151) Attacker using a second firearm splits dice pool Attacker using off-hand weapon –2 Aimed shot +1 per Simple Action Blind fire –6 Called shot –variable (see Called Shots, p. 161) Multiple targets –2 per additional target that Action Phase Tracer rounds with short burst +1 Tracer rounds with long burst +2 Tracer rounds with full auto +3 Recoil, semi-automatic –1 for second shot that Action Phase Recoil, burst –2 (first burst) –3 (second) Recoil, long burst –5 (first burst) –6 (second) Recoil, full auto –9 Recoil, heavy weapon 2 x uncompensated recoil Recoil compensation Reduces recoil modifier Gyro stabilization Reduces recoil or movement modifier Target point-blank +2 Visibility impaired See Visibility Table, below
  • Note that the bonuses for laser sights and smartlinks are not cumulative.

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Ranged Combat Modifier Table

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