Positive Qualities RC

The Positive qualities below can be bought during character
creation or exceptionally introduced in play (for guidelines on the
latter, refer to p. 264, SR4). As with all material in the advanced
rulebooks, these new options should be approved by the gamemaster
before being introduced into the game, since some may effect
the style and tone of a campaign.
Adrenaline Surge
Cost: 15 BP
The Adrenaline Surge quality allows a character to act first
in the first Initiative Pass of a new combat (and only the first),
regardless of their actual Initiative Score. The character need not
expend Edge to do so, and may not combine the effects of Edge
use on initiative with Adrenaline Surge. If other characters also
have Adrenaline Surge or spend Edge to go first in the same pass,
those characters act first in order of their Initiative Scores, then,
all other characters involved in the combat get to go according to
their Initiative Scores.
Analytical Mind
Cost: 5 BP
The Analytical Mind quality represents the uncanny deductive
and logic ability some individuals possess to intuitively crack
ciphers, solve puzzles, and sift through data. This quality gives the character a +2 dice pool modifier to any Logic Tests involving
pattern recognition, evidence analysis, clue hunting, or solving
puzzles. This quality also provides a + 2 dice pool modifier to any
Data Search and Software Tests.
Cost: 5 BP
Whether due to a bilingual upbringing or a natural aptitude
for languages, a character with this quality reads, writes, and
speaks a second tongue fluently and may list a second language as
a Native tongue (see Language Skills, p. 75, SR4).
Black Market Pipeline
Cost: 10 BP
At character creation, the player chooses one of his contacts
and one type of merchandise (i.e. vehicles, weapons, electronics,
armor, etc.). This contact can always buy or sell that contraband on
the black market at a price that benefits the character. This guarantees
a 10 percent discount when the character buys the appropriate
merchandise from the Black Market Contact, and confers a +3
dice pool modifier when negotiating to sell/fence appropriate
goods through the Pipeline.
Born Rich
Cost: 10 BP
A character with this quality comes from an affluent
background (i.e. high-level corporate scion, old money family,
successful entrepreneur) and, as a result, has more ready resources
than a typical character. This quality extends the 50 BP maximum
spent on gear at character generation to 60 BP. This quality does
not imply the character is rich at the start of play.
Cost: 10 BP
A character with the Catlike quality is gifted with uncanny
elegance, a stealthy gait, and the almost preternatural ability to
move without making a sound. This quality modifies the character’s
Infiltration and Shadowing skill ratings by +1 (limited by the
modified skill rating; see p. 109, SR4); the character must still buy
at least rating 2 in those skills to benefit from this quality.
College Education
Cost: 5 BP
A character with the College Education quality has not only
attended an institution of higher education but has made the most
out of her stay and knows a substantial amount about a diverse
group of academic subjects. The College Education quality modifies
the skill rating of any Academic Knowledge skills the character
acquires by +1 (to a maximum of rating of 6).
Common Sense
Cost: 5 BP
A character with Common Sense is down-to-earth, practical,
and sensible. Any time such a character is about to do something
the gamemaster deems foolish, the gamemaster must act as the
proverbial inner voice of reason and warn the player: “Something
tells you that’s a bad idea.”

Deep Cover
Cost: 5 or 10 BP
The Deep Cover character is not who she says she is. She
might not even be who she thinks she is. Through engram manipulation
and training, her actual identity is buried under layers
of false memories and impressions—even a Mind Probe spell can’t
crack her cover, because she sincerely believes she is the person
she presents herself to be. For 5 BP, this quality simply preserves
her “real” personality from coming forward, letting her act in deep
cover until a trigger—an image, a series of numbers, a phrase—lets
her snap back and spill her guts; a second trigger puts her real self
back to sleep. For 10 BP, she knows what both triggers are, and
can set things up to bring herself in and out of deep cover on her
schedule, no one else’s. The player should work with his or her
gamemaster to define the character’s true personality, why she is
in Deep Cover, and for whom she works.
Digital Doppelganger
Cost: 10 BP
By some quirk of fate, during the Crash 2.0, the character’s
digital data trail was shuffled onto someone else’s identity. Some
(or all) of the character’s spending habits, purchases, payment defaults,
news items, license lapses, etc. get attributed to this other
identity. In the immense corporate data havens, the character’s
direct marketing intel is placed on the other person. The character
doesn’t get direct ads sent to him by corps, and anyone doing
research on him has a hard time finding any information (+2
threshold for data searches or tracking the character on this ID).
The character must be a SINner.
Cost: 5BP or10BP
Better than SINless—the character with this quality officially
doesn’t exist and never did; someone or something actively works
to remove her traces from the system. Maybe it’s an elite hacker
who owes her a favor or an AI she befriended, but the end result is
that her data trail and records vanish from all but the most secure
systems shortly after being entered.
For 5 BP, criminal SINs and unwanted data disappear within
a week. For 10 BP, any SIN, undesirable credit history, or personal
information on the Matrix that she wishes is burnt (see p.
96, Unwired) after 24 hours. Obviously, the eraser will preserve
any data the character wishes preserved and that is vital for her to
function in society.
Note that vanishing data may prove an unwanted complication
if the character is in custody or doing prison time (the Man
may “forget” she is there).
Escaped Clone
Cost: 5 BP
At some point, someone made a clone from stored DNA:
maybe your parents wanted their little girl back, maybe a rich
corper thought this was his ticket to immortality, or maybe a
megacorp grew a wimp for experimentation. Maybe she was accidentally
released, saved by a kind soul, or misplaced at a clinic.
Regardless, that clone eventually escaped into the world and realized
its full potential becoming the character.

If scrutinized, the character’s genetic information and biometrics
will often be cross-referenced with the original donor of
the genetic material—depending upon whether the character or
the donor has a dead/deactivated or criminal SIN, this can be
good or bad. It also means that it is much more difficult to identify
the character beyond a reasonable doubt.
Should the character’s nature be revealed, the social stigma
still associated with cloning will lead to a –1 dice pool modifier to
any of his social interactions with anyone aware of it. Additionally,
the character may be wanted or actively hunted by whoever grew
him (this may be best represented by taking a Wanted or Enemy
negative quality).
Cost: 5 to 15 BP
A character with this quality is famous, not just among the
denizens of the shadows but to the general public. However, famous
does not necessarily equate to rich—the character may be
retired from whatever activity brought her into the public eye, or
she might be a down and out has-been. She might be a retired
sport star or a former trid show host. Or, she might still be in the
limelight; perhaps she is an acclaimed musician, a well-known
blogger, or possesses a popular P2.0 livefeed. Whatever the reason,
she has a recognizable public persona that can be as much a
hindrance as a boon.
Fame can give the character social privileges: giving her words
additional clout, opening doors to restricted social circles and access
to the trendiest hot spots. In situations where she can benefit
from her high profile and reputation, a Famous character gets a
dice pool modifier to Social Skill Tests. This modifier depends on
her fame as represented by levels taken in this quality.
When combined with the Day Job quality, Fame also provides
a multiplier to the Day Job income.
Note that Fame is a double-edged blade for those who run
the shadows. While it is helpful, it also makes the character easily
identifiable. Mr. Johnson is unlikely to hire someone who is well
known, and other runners may not want to work with someone so
recognizable. Also, if the character is very famous, he needs a very
good reason to be running the shadows at all. To avoid identification,
a famous character can disguise her appearance and create
a runner persona (though under this guise she gains no social
Local Fame (5 BP): The character’s image and reputation are
well known locally or around a single sprawl. This grants her a +2
dice pool modifier in appropriate social situations. If the character
also possesses the relevant quality, multiply Day Job income by
3. The character is well-known locally and any compatriot will
identify him with an Intuition + Logic (1) Test.
Examples: Local news anchor, rising star of small urban brawl
franchise, local politician.
National Fame (10 BP): The character is nationally famous
and gets a +4 dice pool modifier to appropriate Social Tests. If
the character also possesses the relevant quality, multiply Day Job
income by 5. People around the country recognize the character
by face and name almost automatically.
Examples: Best-selling author, popular sports star, face of national
media campaign.

Global Fame (20 BP): The character is globally famous and
benefits from a +6 dice pool modifier in situations where she can
bring her status to bear. If the character also possesses the appropriate
quality, multiply Day Job income by 10. The character is
immediately recognizable by anyone with a commlink or trideo
unit. The character will be filmed and harassed by fans.
Examples: Multiple-platinum download artist, star of the summer’s
blockbuster sim,
Cost: 5 or 10 BP
The Gearhead character is a natural born driver or pilot. From
the first time the Gearhead sat behind the wheel/stick/controls
of a certain vehicle, it was like putting on a comfortable old
suit. She discovered an intuitive understanding of its limitations
and its capabilities, and she quickly learned to coax exceptional
performances out of the vehicle. During a single scene (duration
at the gamemaster’s discretion), a Gearhead can increase the
Acceleration of her chosen vehicle by 20 percent, or increase the
Handling modifier by +1. She also gets a distinct +2 dice pool
modifier when attempting difficult maneuvers or stunts in the
vehicle. This quality only benefits manual or VR control of the
For 5 BP, the Gearhead is gifted at piloting a specific vehicle
(i.e. a Suzuki Mirage racing bike or a MiG-67 panzer).
For 15 BP, the Gearhead is gifted at piloting any vehicle of a
given type (i.e. bikes, cars, trucks, rotorcraft).
Hawk Eye
Cost: 5 BP
Hawk Eye grants a character exceptionally keen natural vision.
She can spot a sniper on a rooftop without binoculars or
a chip on the ground at twenty feet. Characters with the Hawk
Eye quality gain a + 1 dice pool modifier to Perception Tests to
spot something at a distance and see their unaugmented Weapon
Range Modifiers reduced by 1 step (for instance, Long Range becomes
Medium Range). This quality is not cumulative with other
forms of vision magnification and is incompatible with cyber- or
bioware augmentation or replacement.
Cost: 5 BP
An Inspired character is touched by a muse and is rightfully
lauded as an artistic genius by his peers. This quality does not
translate to widespread fame, but it does grant the character a
Street Cred of 2 (see. p. 275, SR4) among fellow artists familiar
with his talent and reputation. Inspired also modifies any Artisan
skill rating the character possesses by +2.
Cost: 10 BP
This quality gives a character an intuitive grasp of the underlying
principles and functioning of all kinds of mechanical
and electronic devices. Contingent on success on an appropriate
Mechanics Skill Test (threshold defined by the gamemaster using
the Build/Repair Table on p. 125, SR4, as a guideline), this quality
allows amazing, if temporary, technical feats with bare minimum
gear. The gamemaster should decide whether any given feat the
player proposes is possible with the Juryrigger quality. Such feats
include, but are not limited to:
• Jury-rigging a destroyed device so that it will operate just one
more time (duration at the gamemaster’s discretion).
• Tweaking an electronic device to function at a rating one
higher than normal for 1 Combat Turn.
• Temporarily coaxing extra performance from a vehicle’s or
drone’s components, increasing its Sensors or Handling by
+1 (duration at the gamemaster’s discretion).
• Improvising a one-shot device or weapon from various pieces
and parts (the gamemaster has final say on whether suitable
parts are available).
Cost: 5 BP
A character with this quality has a natural gift for learning
and understanding languages, grasping vocabulary and grammar
much more quickly than others would. This quality halves the
basic learning time for a language and modifies the rating of any
Language skill the character possesses by +2.
Lightning Reflexes
Cost: 15 BP
The Lightning Reflexes quality allows an unaugmented
character to react with astonishing speed. This quality granting
her a +2 Reaction attribute modifier, which is not cumulative
with any other Reaction or Initiative enhancement, be it technological
or magical.
Made Man
Cost: 10 BP
The character is a minor member of an organized crime syndicate
and as such can call on its resources. In game terms, this means
the character possesses a crime syndicate as a free Group Contact
(see Groups as Contacts, p. 124) with a modified Connection
Rating of 8 and a Loyalty Rating of 4. This also allows her to use
the syndicate as a reliable fence for stolen goods (for a 20 percent
cut) or as a source for stolen and restricted goods (though items
are contingent on gamemaster approval). However, the character
is expected to aid and participate in syndicate activities on a regular
basis, taking at least 30 hours of her time every week.
Mistaken Identity
Cost: 10 BP
Something about a character with this quality reminds
people of another (moderately well known) person—perhaps
the morning weather girl, a minor politician, or the announcer
at the local sports arena. Maybe it’s the hairstyle, or maybe it’s
the way she walks. Though she gets the occasional request for an
autograph or free cup of coffee from a fan, the real benefit is that
when people try to describe her, they invariably end up describing
the other person. This makes it particularly difficult for authorities
to credibly trace nefarious activities back to her. The unwitting
doppelganger must be of the same gender, metatype and race as
the character.

Natural Athlete
Cost: 10 BP
A character with this quality has an innate combination of
physical form, spatial awareness, and natural athletic or gymnastic
talent. While the character may not be a world-class athlete and
may require training to achieve peak performance, he is in prime
physical shape for his size and weight class. Gifted Athlete modifies
the character’s rating in the Running and Gymnastics skills by
+1 (subject to modified skill maximums, see p. 109, SR4).
Night Vision
Cost: 5 BP
Night Vision provides human characters with improved
night vision. This means human characters with this quality gain
the advantages of low-light vision (see Visibility Table, p. 140,
SR4). This quality is not cumulative with other forms of vision
enhancement and is incompatible with cyber- or bioware augmentation
or replacement, nor is it possible to combine with electronic
sensors and vision enhancements.
Cost: 10 BP
A character with this quality is particularly at ease in wilderness
and rural environments. She is a natural tracker and hunter,
able to quickly familiarize herself and learn the lay of the land. The
Outdoorsman quality modifies the character’s the character’s existing
ratings in all skills of the Outdoors skill group by +1 (subject
to modified skill maximums).

Cost: 5 or 10 BP
Perceptive characters are likely to notice small details and
clues that others may miss. Perceptive is available at two levels. For
5 BP, characters with this quality receive a +1 dice pool modifier
on all Perception Tests, including Astral and Matrix Perception
Tests. For 10 BP, the modifier rises to +2. This quality does not
effect vision modifiers in combat.
Perfect Time
Cost: 5 BP
A character with Perfect Time has a split-second sense of
timing that enables her to always know the current time, to the
minute. Prolonged periods of isolation, unconsciousness, or the
application of mind-benders, such as drugs or chips, can throw off
the character’s sense of time, but the character quickly recovers his
or her Perfect Time when such conditions are removed.
Privileged Family Name
Cost: 5 BP
The character’s family is exceptionally rich or well-connected,
and her name is recognizable and carries significant weight in her
home sprawl—so much so that the character’s very name is a get
out of jail free card for small misdemeanors and violations of
the law (such as being caught carrying a weapon or driving a car
without a license). Local NPCs will think twice before harassing
or physically intimidating the character (suffering a –2 dice pool
modifier in appropriate tests). Privileged Family Name can also be
a bane if abused, since it makes the character easier to identify.

Restricted Gear
Cost: 5 BP
The character knows just the right person to get ahold of that
one elusive piece of restricted gear or miltech weaponry she really
needed. Every time the character takes this quality at character
creation (max 3 times), she may exceptionally buy a piece of gear
with an Availability of up to 20. The character may also save the
quality to buy one such item during play.
School of Hard Knocks
Cost: 5 BP
A character with the School of Hard Knocks quality grew up
in the back streets and alleys, learned the hard way that knowledge
is power, and that often it’s not how tough you are that gets you
through the day, but what you know. The character has picked up a
little knowledge of just about any subject of interest to denizens of
the streets. The School of Hard Knocks quality modifies the rating
of any Street Knowledge skills the character possesses by +1 (to a
maximum of Rating 6).
Sense of Direction
Cost: 5 BP
A character with the Sense of Direction quality never gets
lost. The character always knows where true north lies. If the character
also possesses the Survival skill, she can always retrace her
path and will be able to estimate distances traveled within a few
meters. Sense of Direction doesn’t help a character orient herself
if she has been transported somewhere while unconscious or if she
is unable to perceive her surroundings.
Cost: 5 BP
One of the character’s contacts has the skill set and levels
to act as her Instructor in a particular skill group (see Using
Instruction, p. 123, SR4). The Sensei and the skill group are
determined when the quality is chosen. The character need not
chase down and hire an appropriate teacher to gain the benefits of
instruction but may be subject to the contact’s availability at the
gamemaster’s discretion.
Speed Reading
Cost: 5 BP
A character with Speed Reading can tear through a full page
of written text (about 800 words) in about 5 seconds. The character
does not memorize what she has read unless she also possesses
the Photographic Memory quality (p. 80, SR4) but will grasp the
gist of the contents and be able to remember the context of key
words. If attempting to recall a specific piece of information or locate
a specific phrase or subject while in the process of reading, the
character need only succeed in a Logic + Intuition (1) Test, with
an interval determined by the gamemaster based on the length
of the text, its complexity, and the obscurity of the information
being sought.

Technical School Education
Cost: 5 BP
A character with the Technical School Education quality has
not only attended a tech school, but has gotten more out of it than
a normal student and knows a substantial amount about a diverse
group of technical subjects. The Technical School Education quality
modifies the skill rating of any Professional Knowledge skills
the character acquires by +1 (to a maximum of Rating 6).
Tough as Nails
Cost: 10 per level
A character with this power has formidable physical endurance
and can take much more punishment than one would expect
from someone of her size. Each level taken in this quality adds an
additional box to the character’s Physical Condition monitor. This
quality may be taken up to 3 times.
Trust Fund
Cost: 10 or 20 BP
A character with this quality possesses a lifelong trust fund or
inheritance that is managed by another party (a trustee), but that
pays enough to cover her lifestyle expenses with a little left over.
For 10 BP, the Trust Fund income covers a perpetual Medium
lifestyle with 500 nuyen left over each month. For 20 BP, the Trust
Fund income provides for a High lifestyle with 1,000 nuyen of
monthly spending money. Neither lifestyle can be converted to
money; payment is made directly by the trustee.
To benefit from this quality, the character must also be a
SINner and have the place of residence to which her Trust Fund
lifestyle applies in the public record. Additionally, should the
character be caught breaking the law, the Trustee may suspend the
Trust Fund payments (at the gamemaster’s discretion).
Cost: 5 or 20 BP
Something about the character inspires confidence and
trust in those around her (even if she doesn’t deserve it). For 5 BP,
this quality modifies the character’s skill rating in one skill in the
Influence skill group by +1 (subject to modified skill maximums,
see p. 109, SR4). For 20 BP, the Trustworthy quality modifies the
ratings of all skills in the Influence skill group by +1 (also subject
to modified skill limits).
Water Sprite
Cost: 5 BP
A character with this quality takes to water like a fish; she
benefits from a +2 dice pool modifier for all tests relating to
Swimming, holding her breath underwater, treading water and
diving. The time before the onset of Fatigue from swimming and
diving is also doubled.

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