Major Businesses and Chains

Following is a partial list of major establishments and business chains in the Seattle Metroplex. Department Stores Luxury: Lordstrungs, Bloomies, Lacy’s First Class: Fallon and Nelsons, The Beaux Family Style: Wordsworth, Lears and Mervins, Penley’s, G. Meyers Superstores No Frills: BayMart, Saver’s Central Groceries and Convenience Stores Luxury: Society Grocers First Class: G. Meyers Groceries Family Style: Allenson’s Grocery, Carry&Save, Quickway Groceries No Frills: Stuffer Shacks, Round the Clock MiniMarts, Buy-Low Foods Restaurants and Fast Food Places Luxury: Azteca International, The Edge, Takuri’s, Ivar’s Seattle Dining, Trattoria Pagliacci’s First Class: The Green Village, The Gravity Bar, La Galleria, Le Gourmand, Jay’s Boathouse, Hien Vuong, Kau Kau, Purple Haze, The Orginal Elven, Takuri’s Family Style: Gracie’s for Ribs, Bosco’s, Tacoma Mckraken’s, Jong Yen Lo, Hakata’s, The Bangkok Huts, Jack and Ronald’s Macimillion’s No Frills: Maximillion’s, You Should Not Eat So Much!, Nukit Burgers, The Golden Archers, Regal Burgers, Loco Foods, The Captain’s Galley Hotels Luxury: TripleTree Hotels, Lucas Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Sheraton Hotels First Class: Westin Hotels, Hotel Nara, The Gold Lion Inns Family Style: Renton Inns, Wylie’s Gala Inns No Frills: Rent and Rest Hotels, Comfy Cubicle Hotels, Aston’s Moneymakers >Don’t’ forget, chummers, there’s one more class. We call them coffin hotels. Fast Jack (12:12:10/5-30-50) Computers and Electronics Luxury: Nybbles & Bytes, Gates Computer Showcase First Class: Business Computers International, Hardware Etcetera, Blood Monies Software Family Style: Software Sellers, MicroDeck Software, DeGear’s Electronics No Frills: Used Computers Exchange, Hacker’s Delight, Kennedy’s Cheap Electronics Body Enhancement Centers Luxury: Executive Body Enhancements First Class: Body+Tech Family Style: A Whole New You No Frills: Dr George’s Cyberware Clinic

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Major Businesses and Chains

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