Economy of the UCAS

The UCAS is one of the most technologically advanced countries on Earth, but it is poor in natural resources. While advances in recycling have helped the UCAS avoid severe shortages, the economy is increasingly dependent on the import of raw materials.

Income taxes are high, partly because corporations have managed to create numerous tax shelters for themselves.

The UCAS unit of currency is the dollar. The official exchange rate makes one ( 1 ) nuyen worth approximately five (5) UCAS dollars. In reality, the dollar fluctuates plus or minus 20 percent against the nuyen on a day-to-day basis.

Almost all financial transactions are handled electronically and are subject to government tracking. A thriving shadow economy based in cash and corporate scrip also exists, despite official attempts to quash it.


Industrial capability, the cost of resources, legal controls, and taxes all contribute to the cost of living in the UCAS. The following table gives the differences between standard and UCAS prices, in nuyen, of various items and services. When shadowrunners are going shopping in the UCAS, apply the modifiers to the prices given in Shadowrun, Street Samurai Catalog, and other FASA products. Items not shown on this list sell at standard cost. If the runners are paying with UCAS dollars ($}, adjust prices accordingly.


Item Cost
Ammunition 120%
* Explosives 150%
* Firearm Accessories 120%
* Firearms 120%
* Armor 110%
Survelliance and Security
Communications 110%
* Security Devices 150%
* Surveillance Countermeasures 80%
* Surveillance Measures 120%
* Vision Enhancers 120%
* Lifestyle 125%
* Medical Care 120%
Electronics 120%
* Bodyware 115%
* Cyberdecks 150%
* Headware 110%
* Internals 105%
* Programs 200%
Magical Equipment
* Foci 150%
* Hermetic Libraries 120%
* Magical Supplies and Materials 200%
* Aircraft 110%
* Boats 125%
* Ground Vehicles 120%
* Military Vehicles 250%

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