Burst Fire Mode

In burst-fire mode, firearms spit out bullets in rapid succession every time the trigger is pulled. Firing a weapon in burst-fire mode is a Simple Action, which means that a character can fire up to two bursts per Action Phase. Each burst requires a separate attack test. The firing character can choose to fire a narrow burst or a wide burst, each described below. Both use up three bullets. The first burst fired in an Action Phase inflicts a –2 recoil modifier, the second inflicts an additional –3 recoil (neutralized by recoil compensation, if any). Narr ow Bursts Narrow bursts cause more damage to the target. Increase the attack’s DV by +2. Note that this DV modifier does not apply when comparing the DV to the armor rating. Wide Bursts Wide bursts spray bullets around for a better chance of hitting the target. Decrease the defender’s dice pool by –2. Slinger has an Uzi in hand, ready to fire a burst against the hit man that just took out his friend. Slinger is rolling his Automatics 4 + Agility 5 (9 dice) against the target’s Reaction 5. Though his recoil compensation of 2 accounts for the burst’s –2 recoil, he’s also facing some other modifiers (–3 total, for a dice pool of 6). Slinger goes for a narrow burst, increasing the Uzi’s DV by +2. He rolls 3 hits, the target rolls 2, so he hits. His net hit of 1 increases the DV of the Uzi from 5P to 6P, which unfortunately doesn’t exceed the assassin’s armor rating of 6. That means the target has to resist 8S DV (base DV 5 + 1 net hit + 2 narrow burst, Physical converted to Stun by the armor). With his next Simple Action, Slinger’s facing a lot of recoil, so he goes for a wide burst. The extra –3 recoil reduces his dice pool to 3, so he only gets 1 hit. The target’s dice pool suffers a –2 modifier from the wide burst and a further –1 from defending against an attack since his last action. He rolls only 2 dice but gets 1 hit. That’s a tie, so Slinger just misses hitting the guy with the second burst. Multiple Tar gets Bursts can only be fired at one target for each burst. If a burst-firing attacker engages two different targets in the same Action Phase (either with two separate short bursts or one short burst and one long burst), there is an additional –2 dice pool modifier when attacking the second target. Not Enough Bullets If the firing character is short on ammo (2 bullets rather than 3), reduce each of the modifiers applied by 1 (so a narrow burst does +1 DV and –1 recoil on the first shot). Treat a burst with only 1 bullet in the clip as a single-shot attack.

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Burst Fire Mode

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