Cost: 5, 10, 15, or 20 BP
Martial Arts represents the character’s training in a particular martial arts style. The particular style must be noted when the quality is purchased; additional styles may also be learned, but each requires the quality to be purchased again.

Each style provides a set of specific advantages to certain aspects of melee combat. Only one advantage may be chosen for every level of the quality. For example, at 5 BP the character learns one advantage, at 10 BP, two advantages, and so on.

A character gains the advantages of all martial arts styles she knows; should they overlap, these
dice modifiers stack. The maximum number of dice that can be added to or subtracted from a character’s dice pool from martial art modifi ers is equal to the rating of the relevant Combat skill. The maximum cumulative DV modifi er possible is +3.

The Martial Arts quality also allows the character to purchase maneuvers (see p. 158).

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