Advanced Qualities

In Shadowrun, qualities represent edges and flaws that help
round out characters by granting them special talents and flaws
beyond the scope of normal learned skills or innate attributes.
Shadowrun, Fourth Edition (pp. 77–84) offers a basic selection
of positive qualities. Additional qualities, focusing on a specific
aspect of the rules, can also be found in the advanced rulebooks;
Street Magic offers additional Awakened qualities (pp. 24–28),
Augmentation features biotech-related qualities (pp. 20–22 and
163–164), and Unwired (pp. 36–38) qualities related to the
Matrix. As always, final approval of any quality is in the hands of
the gamemaster; some qualities may be inappropriate or incompatible
with the style and tone of her game.
The Metagenetic qualities presented later in this chapter are
only available to characters who have first taken the Changeling
quality (see Creating a Changeling Character, p. 73) and as innate
abilities to various metavariants.



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Advanced Qualities

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