The Northwest in 2050

The northwestern quarter of North America is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west and mountain ranges that divide the coast from the rest of the continent on the east. In between is a diverse assortment of lesser features, including plateaus, river systems, valleys, and smaller mountain ranges. Indeed, the Northwest offers almost every type of environment found elsewhere on the continent. Glaciers and deserts, temperate rainforests and badlands, all exist within the area.

Since the Treaty of Denver (2018), much has changed in the western half of North America. Under the protection of the Native American Nations, much of the land has been returned to its earlier, natural state. The lowered population and the influx of the Awakened has resulted in a landscape vastly different from the shrinking wilderness of the late 20th century. Tall trees stand unmolested by loggers, sheltering strong populations of both natural and paranatural animals. Towns and villages are vanishing under the new growth as the land renews itself.

Politically, the Northwest is no less changed. Several sovereign nations now exist there, with little remaining of the former jurisdictions of the United States and Canadian governments. Today the dominant powers of the region are the various states of the Native American Council and the Elven realm of Tir Tairngire. In and among these large political entities are smaller independent states, most notably, the independent Native American nation of Tsimshan and the various sovereign states of metahumans and Awakened.

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The Northwest in 2050

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