Welcome to our city. As Governor of the Seattle Metroplex, I extend to you my warmest greetings and hereby offer the key to our little corner of the world. What you will find in this guidebook is a close-up of a thriving divergent, and, we think, unique community that sets the standard for life in the Awakened Age.

Walk along our downtown streets and see Elven art adorning the sides of Korean skyscrapers. Take a guided tour of the Underground City and look upon the intricate carvings of Dwarf and Ork sculptors. Ride to the top of the Space Needle and gaze out over the waters of Puget Sound. Or maybe venture out and enjoy the natural beauty of a Snohomish forest. Whatever your tastes, I know our city can satisfy them.

What makes the Seattle Metroplex unique is the way its geographic, political, and economic positions have merged to strengthen and unify the people. With the Treaty of Denver of 2018, Seattle found itself isolated from the rest of the United Canadian and American States, but our civic leaders showed great courage and foresight by establishing close ties with other nations, such as California, Japa, Korea, and the vitally important Salish-Shidhe Council. We wisely took the bet that each nation offered in terms of trade and culture. Over time, the result was that we became a truly global city-state.

No one can say that Seattle faces no problems or challenges. And yes, our city has its nominal share of the chic and the shadowy – though certainly not to the excess of some popular trideos. Having been governor of this great metroplex for the past eight years, I can assure every vistor to Seattle that our Lone Star Security Services are second to none. They will do everything in their power to see that a visitor’s stay is a safe and pleasant one. When Nicholas and Yumiko Yoshida asked me to write the introduction to this latest edition of their Yoshida Guide to Seattle, I readily agreed. It is my pleasure to be the first to greet you on this tour of our proud and fascinating city. Welcome to Seattle.

Marilyn Schultz, Governor, Seattle Metroplex

August 25, 2049

If you can access this, then welcome to the shadow of Seattle. Over time, a city of this size cannot help but develop a character and personality that is its own. What we offer here is a collection of datafiles on the darker side of Seattle’s life. From seedy bars to emergency hospitals, it’s all here. The hidden faces, the dirty backrooms, and the forbidden alleyways are as much a part of the metroplex as are the towering skyscrapers and glittering lights. We believe that just because things may not be pretty does not make them any less real. What the governor and high-ranking corporate officials may not want you to know, we feel obligated to provide.

Fortunately, the Yoshidas seem to be of the same mind, having protected their guidebook entry files with only the most basic Scramble codes. Almost any citizen or group can tap in and contribute (anonymously, if they with) whatever light or dark secrets they may know and want to share.

Here’s a warning, chummer. Seattle’s underworld is ever-changing. And if new things are happening any-where, it’s in the shadowside of our “proud and fascinating” city. Indeed, some shadow listings may themselves be suspect. In the past, we know of at least five false and misleading entries that some unscrupulous types inserted in hopes of luring unsuspecting, but adventurous-minded, tourists into certain situations.

The specific entries include all pertinent data, including even a brief, but necessary, note of the establishment’s racial tolerance. As the Yoshidas themselves have verified these facts you may consider them accurate.

So go ahead. Start with the Chapter One datastore and jack in. Seattle is a great city-if you know what you’re doing.

-Professor T.R Stealth, Shadow Entries Editor, Seattle Shadow Edition Society (23:10:34/9-30-49)

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