Running The Shadows

Running the shadows isn’t only about firefights, magic, hacking, and big fireballs—well, okay, the fireballs make it fun. It’s not enough to steal prototypes and information, extract personnel from unwilling hosts, plant evidence, or maybe blow up research laboratories—there are other issues to contend with as well. Health and healing, for example, can spell the difference between a living but hurt shadowrunner and a dead one. Then there is the dangerous allure of recreational and combat drugs, or keeping oneself protected from the next generation nerve gas a target corporation may be waiting to spring on infiltrators in their security system. Even if your character successfully navigates these issues, what is her reputation like? What kind of lifestyle does she lead? What are her goals; what skills or abilities does she want to improve herself in? Gamemasters may want to be aware of these issues as well, and find some advice for running their games. This section covers these and other loose ends that are just as important to making a shadowrun enjoyable.



Drugs and Brainbenders

Security Systems


Identification, Please



Character Improvement

Gamemaster Advice

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Running The Shadows

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