Creating a ShadowRunner

Armed with your imagination and a basic understanding of what you want to do and play in Shadowrun, it’s time to create a character. Characters are just numbers on a piece of paper until you give them life. It therefore makes sense to think about what kind of character you would like to play before the game begins.

Start simply: Do you like orks? Do hackers sound interesting? Do you think magical characters rock? Perhaps you want to play a compulsive liar who can easily pull the wool over people’s eyes? Maybe the specifics don’t matter, as long as you get to wield the most kick-ass weapon in the game.

Once you have a basic idea of what you want to play, you can either use a pregenerated sample character or create your own from scratch. Using a sample character may be the best choice if you are new to Shadowrun and wish to start playing right away. Creating your own character takes more time, but gives the satisfaction of developing your own character exactly the way you want.

Building a Shadowrunner

Choose Your Metatype

Pick Qualities

Purchase Attributes

Acquire Skills

Assign Resources

Finishing Touches

Quality Descriptions

Build Point Character Creation Summary

WAL KTHROU GH Shadowrun’s Build Point system is intended to offer a great deal of flexibility in characer creation. Experienced players may feel comfortable dispensing with a linear order and allocating BP as they see fit. It is recommended new players follow these steps until they are familiar with Shadowrun character creation. 1. CHOOSE A METATYPE The five basic metatypes are described on p. 66 and pp. 71–73. HUMAN: 0 BP ORK: 20 BP DWAR F: 25 BP ELF: 30 BP TROLL : 40 BP 2. PIC K QUALITIES Basic qualities are presented on p. 90–96. 3. ASSI GN BPS TO ATTRI BUTES [MA X. 200 BP] Attributes are described and listed on p. 67-–68, minimum and maximum Attribute ratings by metatype can be found in p. 81. Physical / Mental: 10 BP per Att. Point [except max point] Edge: 10 BP per Att. Point [except max point] Magic: 10 BP per Att. Point [except max point; requires Adept, Magician, or Mystic Adept Quality] Resonance: 10 BP per Att. Point [except max point; requires Technomancer Quality] Max Attribute value 25 BP for final Att. Point 4. ASSI GN BPS TO SKILLS Skills and skill groups are presented on p. 120 Active Skills: 4 BP per Skill Point Knowledge Skills: 2 BP per Skill Point, start with (Intuition + Logic) x 3 for free Skill Groups: 10 BP per Group Point S pecializations: 2 BP per Active specialization; 1 BP per Knowledge specialization

5. ASSI GN BPS TO RESOURCES The various categories of Resources are briefly addressed on p. 86. Gear: 1 BP per 5,000¥ [max 50 BP] Melee Weapons, p. 314 Projectile & Throwing Weapons, p. 315 Firearms, p. 316 Firearm Accessories, p. 322 A mmo and Explosives, p. 323–325 Misc Gear C lothing and Armor, p. 326 C ommlinks and Electronics, p. 327–328 D atachips and Software, p. 330–331 ID & Credsticks, p. 331 T ools, p. 332 S ensors & Sensory Enhancements, p. 332–333 D isguise, p. 338 Biotech, p. 337 Augmentations C yberware, p. 338 Bioware, p. 345 Vehicles and Drones G roundcraft, Cars & Bikes, p. 348–349 W atercraft, p. 349 A ircraft, p. 349 VTO L/VSTO L, p. 349 D rones, p. 349 MAGICAL RESOURCES Spells: 3 BP per spell (max = 2 x Spellcasting/Ritual Spellcasting) Street Grimoire, p. 203 Spirits: 1 BP per service owed (max services = Summoning, max spirits = Charisma) Spirits, p. 186 Bonding Foci: 1 BP per Force Point (max = 5 x Magic) Foci, p. 199 TECHNOMANCER RESOURCES Complex Forms: 1 BP per rating point (max forms = Logic x 2) Complex Forms, p. 239 Sprites: 1 BP per task owed (max services = Compiling, max sprites = Charisma) Sprites, p. 240 Contacts: (Connection rating + Loyalty rating) BP Contacts and Sample Contacts, p. 285, 289 Lifestyles, p. 267 6. FINAL TOUCHES Calculate final Essence, Magic/Resonance, Initiative Next Chapter: Sample Characters

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