Shadowrun: Throw Back

February 2nd
Just looking to make a dime

The team is getting a little antsy trying to make some dough before rent comes due. Some undertake various extracurricular activities (some better left unsaid….).

Then a call comes in to protect a starlet with a little too much attention directed her way. Not all the old team is around, but they find sufficient lowlifes to fill the position, and the stereotype.

Of course, things don’t go as they plan and there’s an ambush waiting after the starlet, Maria Mercurial, finishes her performance. Massive gunfire ensues, and some impromptu redecorating, followed by a clean get away. It was easy.

Until the dragon sends it’s minions to put our boys holding down the safehouse to sleep while the hacker’s out pulling in all the nuyen. Luckily the starlet had some fantastic work done and knows a thing or two about getting her hands dirty. They put down the team, and the backstabbing manager gets payback flambe style.

Tracking down those responsible isn’t too hard: it’s surviving the strike teams and grenades that gets complicated. Who decided a troll with grenades was a good idea, anyways?

Eventually the hacker gets a lead and finds the real motherlode, so everyone’s ready to get the whole mess wrapped up, get the price from the Yaks off their heads, and spend their well earned dough. First they need the data locked in the starlet’s head to get the Yaks, and hopefully the Aztecs that sent the dragon, off their backs.

So the exchange should have been easy. Who would have expected a sniper in such an unassuming place as a commercial boat dock late at night? Can you say “Ronin”?

After killing lots of folks the daring Steve McQueen made a flawless escape in a windowless, bullet riddled SUV and the team made it out mostly intact. Hole-y maybe, but intact. The doc’s gotta love us.

Now to get the info out once and for all, though if you don’t mind leaving the country permanently I’m sure there are other people on the market for stolen Aztec property than the Yaks.

January 6th, one week later
Getting into the Big Time

Johnson Elori Whitecastle gives the team a job snatching a big name up and coming Sim Starlet to keep her from meeting her advertising obligations. Just keep her busy, they say. Yeah, it’ll be easy…..

December 31st, New Year's Eve
First day on the job... at least it looks that way

You would think people able to survive in the shadows for a few years could get their wire-enhanced rear ends in gear to take a perfectly good job. Well, that’s what you get for thinking…. The group meets at Club Penumbra to a pretty rough start. The Johnson seems to think they’re a little wet behind the ears and plays some hard ball with the nuyen. Fortunately, all is not lost and the job is fairly low key; get some data on some Superman project for a decent paying customer. The hacker does some research and manages to reserve a limo that goes right into the apartment complex, plus gets all the data in the system to look legit so they go right past security. The passcode to the front door should make entry nice and quiet. The magical dwarf does some scouting and finds a canine friend in the apartment that could use some distracting and locates the most likely place for the computer. Once everyone’s ready to go the driver/doc waits to be picked up after stashing the car, while everyone else is picking up the new ride. The limo driver doesn’t mind too much, after he’s knocked out and relieved of his holiday work that is. The muscle had a little trouble figuring out the seating situation at first, so everyone got in the back of the limo until someone figured out they needed to take care of the driver. Rough. Oh, yeah, don’t forget to dump him off… unless you’re cutting a fifth person in on the job. Once there getting through gate security was a breeze and the front door was no problem. The dog was not too friendly, but it was distracted by the fresh cut of synthasteak, compliments of the hacker. Burgers for dinner again…. Once they found the data it was a simple matter of washing the gel off the dog, covering their tracks, and hoping no one noticed the driver/doc/limo driver out front for 20 minutes. They had a clean getaway and dumped the limo. Good thing the jobs go smoother than the meets, or they’d never work in this town again. And next time the troll comes along, get a bigger table.

Some time after the group meets
Not just any ordinary day at the Stuffer Shack

We completed character creation and are ready to meet the group. Unfortunately the characters couldn’t wait to try out their newfound abilities, so in the future they will try to interrogate would-be assasins that destroy a Stuffer Shack and snatch a courier with a dog that twarts cops in a donut shop followed by a naked dwarf jumping into a moving van.


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