Shadowrun: Throw Back

Some time after the group meets

Not just any ordinary day at the Stuffer Shack

We completed character creation and are ready to meet the group. Unfortunately the characters couldn’t wait to try out their newfound abilities, so in the future they will try to interrogate would-be assasins that destroy a Stuffer Shack and snatch a courier with a dog that twarts cops in a donut shop followed by a naked dwarf jumping into a moving van.


Jackson’s Diary. Entry Title: Gunfight at the Stuffer Shack Corral

“It January 2050. Once again I can’t remember what day it is exactly what day it is. That happens when I am on Long Haul, 6 days without sleeping it isn’t surprising to lose track of the day.

We have been planning a run the last few days. No surprise I took Long Haul, with that crazy stupid troll and that green dwarf mage, I do most of the planning. The hacker we get to work with us now and then is helpful, but he is flaky, always making up reasons to go home.

Today I was starving, happens when I use Long Haul. I convinced the guys to go to a Stuffer Shake for some food. They have some frozen burritos there that remind me of college. Just our luck the place gets jacked or something while we are there.

That troll may not be the dullest tool in the shed. He took cover before I do. Great instincts. That dwarf though….. really, who casts a spell on a guy holding a place up, then yells out he just did it. He took a few rounds, but looks okay.

We wasted the gunmen and the mage with them. Troll and I went to trash the security tapes. The screens were dead, hopefully the system was hacked before the robbery. The dwarf was trying to revive their mage, don’t know why I could tell from the look of him it was going to take more than we had to get him talking. I convinced him to forget it. All we would need is our pictures on the net right before we go on a run.

Shoot… think I am coming down from the Long Haul. Hope we get this run done soon, would suck if I passed out in the middle of it.”

Some time after the group meets

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